I've always been fascinated by human beings.  

Working as an actor for the last twelve years has given me the
opportunity to truly study and appreciate human behavior: 
the complexities, the emotions, and the stories that live in each of us.  


I'm also a certified yoga instructor, and over the last seven years
of teaching I've developed a particular interest in posture and the mechanics of movement.

If you mash that all together, I guess it makes sense that I'd end up taking portraits. I love being able to create a genuine connection with someone through the lens of the camera while also keeping my finger on the pulse of the way the lines, angles, and shapes of their body are working together within the frame. 

Whether you're an actor, a director, a CEO, or anything in between, my goal as a photographer is to create a space where we can capture a glimpse into who you are.


So reach out to us--we'd love to get to know you!


Felix is our resident studio pup. He’s a little Corgi/Dachshund mix who mostly likes to chill in his bed and make sure our team is staying on top of their game.